Michel is Principal of FM Insight Consulting Ltd. In addition to consulting, he writes, presents and teaches FM.

Critical Facilities

Managing FM Performance in Critical Facilities

Failure isn’t an option when managing critical facilities. Preventing failure is one of your primary responsibilities, which you ensure with a robust design, plenty of backup systems and extremely well managed operations. This applies to obvious facilities such as data centers, but also to facilities such as manufacturing, hospitals and other high reliability operations. Managing…

Space Planning

Space Planning & Open Cubicles : Don’t Forget the Human Element

The introduction of space planning strategies such as open plan workspace, modular cubicles, reduction of enclosed offices and hotelling were designed to save costs, both on the space and the inevitable churn. In an effort to sell these concepts to the corporations and their workers, they came with the promise of improved productivity. This productivity…


Adopt Best Practices from Facilities Outsourcing Companies.

Facility Management Outsourcing companies have expanded into huge organizations, managing large portfolios of facilities for small and large corporations with local and even international portfolios. There is a reason they are successful in getting the attention and the business from large sophisticated corporations who entrust them to manage their Facility assets. While their success is…