Here are a few examples of content from our training. We change these samples periodically to represent the kind of advanced audio-visual learning material we have developed for the courses. These are typically a lesson or topic within the courses and support the lesson text.

Explained : Owner Vs. Occupier

This example is from the "Introduction to Facility Management" course.

This narrated ‘Whiteboard’ style video explains the difference between an owner and occupier and describes how they may be combined. It also provides insight into the difference between the Property Management role and the Facility Management role.

Explained : Time Value of Money

This example is from the "Life Cycle Costing" course.

This is another Whiteboard style video explaining the concept of Time Value of Money which is important for doing Lifecycle Costing.

Interactive : The FM Pie

This example is from the "Introduction to Facility Management" course.

The FM Pie

This is our famous FM Pie in an interactive format. The FM Pie outlines all the many roles and responsibilities within the Facility Management profession regardless of your title or who you work for.