Quality Assurance for FM’s – Facilities Leadership Webinar

Webinar originally held February 12, 2013. Duration 30 Min. Quality Assurance helps you establish leadership in your Facilities role. It means you are being pro-active about service standards for your organization and implementing leading practices. It’s also a key way you ensure you and your suppliers are providing your organization with quality, consistent service. If…


Satisfaction Surveys – Critical Information for Decision Making

I’m always amazed how many facility managers don’t use Facility satisfaction surveys as an important information tool to make decisions, find areas for improvement, and even provide them with information and data that they can use with their senior management to support initiatives. I think there are two main reasons for this problem, and Facility…


Incentives and Amenities in the Workplace – What does your company do for employees?

While Facility Managers aren’t always responsible for deciding what amenities to provide for the workplace, that’s often the domain of the Human Resources group, those of us in Facilities & Corporate Real Estate certainly end up managing many of them. Regardless of your FM or CRE responsibilities, you can certainly provide input and make suggestions…


Serving Up Quality

My recent magazine article on getting the right service level from your outsourced (or subcontracted) service provider has been published and already I’ve received positive feedback. This article came from a startling statistic from a recent IFMA research report that said getting the right service was an issue with 78% of the facility executives surveyed.