What is eLearning?

Self-paced Facility Management specific training you select based on your interest or need.

An easy, simple way to get quality professional development training for you or your staff.


Learn wherever you are at your own pace with multiple learning methods to suit you.


You don’t need to take time off the job for days at a time. Learn in chunks whenever It suits you.

Low Cost

With no travel or trainer fees, online courses are cheaper and give you more for your money.

Get Ahead with our Online Courses
  • You get downloadable content that you can use in your job.

  • You complete quizzes to help learn and retain information.

  • You receive a Certificate of Completion after passing the final test.

  • You get specific skills a professional in Facility Management needs to know.

  • You learn how you want with bite-sized lessons and topics.

  • You use various formats to help you learn the concepts and practical application.

Designations Vs. eLearning Courses


  • Designations look good on your resume.
  • Designations cost a lot of money and time. Often you need to spend more to maintain your designation.
  • Designations include topics the Association selects for you.

eLearning Courses

  • eLearning helps you get you promotions or new higher level jobs.
  • eLearning courses can be quick and easy and delivers results at your job immediately.
  • eLearning courses are like a cafeteria menu – you pick what you want.

If you have the budget and time, you can do both. With the ease and low cost of online training, there is no reason not to do it even if you also pursue a designation.

Selling eLearning to your Boss

A good company understands the value of training their staff to get better results. They may have a budget for training you can access. Online training is a low-cost and high-value way to use your company’s money and if they won’t pay, it is an inexpensive investment you can make in your future.

Explain the benefits in real terms

Your company benefits from your new knowledge. Describe what it means in the job. Focus on the course itself and how you will use the knowledge on-the-job.

Compare the cost of in-person training with online training

Your company saves training fees, travel costs and time off the job. Compare the online training to in-class training.

Propose a performance target related to the course topic

Demonstrate the value your company gets from the course. For instance, being able to do life cycle costing for the next asset replacement decision, implementing a customer satisfaction survey, refining maintenance plans, etc.

The most important thing to do is ask. Be ready to sell it. Don’t assume they will understand the value of the course.

Get Started

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