Virtual FM Training

We also are currently delivering virtual training. Contact us for upcoming sessions.

About our Training & Development

We deliver both training and development services in Facility Management topics as well as other topics that Facility Managers should know to develop their business, strategy and leadership skills in the industry.

About our Trainer

Michel Theriault is a practitioner in Facility/Property Management with a track record successfully managing Facility and Property operations.

With his experience, he not only delivers instruction, he has examples for virtually every topic and can put the information in context for you.

His training experience is international, delivering training for major corporations in-house and for Facility Management resources at all levels.

Michel is accredited by IFMA to deliver the Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation course. He is also the Academic Coordinator for Ryerson’s Certificate in Facility Management and has delivered training for MEFMA (Middle Eastern Facility Management Association) as well as developed training material for CONNEX (retail facility management association)

“Mr. Michel is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable expert/instructor I have met. He made it very easy for us to connect the theory to reality by the examples he gave during the session.” – O.F.

“It is one of the useful courses I have attended in Facilities Management. Very informative instructor with practical experience” – A.A.

“Throughout the 3 days it brought stuff to the surface and gave great ideas to take back to the working environment. I have left with 70 points for consideration and implementation.” – T.S.

“Your workshop was absolutely Overwhelming. The workshop far exceeded my expectations and has been a tremendous learning experience. You have proven to me that the old saying that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” is but a myth.  I have acquired a new skill set that will further enhance my career. You have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in a unique learning environment” – H.

“Taking into consideration the people with different levels of experience and cultural origin it must have been quite a challenge holding it all together on this course so a pat on the back and “well done” are in order.” – DF